The Carseat Dialogue: Talking Things Through With A One-Year Old


Parenting may be one of the toughest jobs in the world. It requires all the attributes that we may think in order to give only the best for our child. Well, no one is perfect, which means that there will always be flaws in parenting. However, it can be lessen if we are already aware of others experiences. Those parents who are already experts could better help those who are not, most especially if it is their first time.

Furthermore, it should be taken note that children, most especially babies could not express what they really feel. They need understanding that is why we should learn how to determine what they need. We could always avail of items that are best for our children. If we want convenience, we should discover online shopping and it is where we could find different selections made especially for our kids.

One -Year- Olds Know An Awful Lot. “Small children have very little control over their lives, and the more powerless they feel, the more likely they are to make eating, getting dressed, going to the potty, etc. a battle of wills. Giving choices, engaging your child in making plans, and being flexible and responsive on [...]

Talking Is Scary

Man In Cave

I made a commitment to myself yesterday that I was in this for real: I’m gonna stick around blogging and podcasting and meeting new people and learning and sharing…I’m here for the long haul. That in and of itself was a little scary, since it means I’m making a commitment to keep learning how to [...]

Why “Attachment Parenting” Needs A New Name

Attachment Parenting

I have my best ideas while Baby Girl is sleeping in my arms. And a few weeks ago, I started thinking about how much I wanted to write a post about the Attachment Parenting taboo.Then it faded to the bottom of my list. Until today. When I found this article by Sarah Ockwell- Smith and [...]

Why I Hate Cry-It-Out And Baby Training

No Cry-it-out

You might have noticed there are lots of pages and posts all over the internet describing the objective dangers of the Cry-it Out (CIO) or Controlled Crying methods of sleep and baby training. And I think it’d be worth your time to take a look at those articles for the research and the common sense [...]